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Shift Your Culture to Support Value-Added Innovation.

GreenThe increasing pace of change in the market, and the opportunities and risks these changes present, require companies to master innovation. Many executives believe that innovation success can be achieved by naming a VP of Innovation, holding a series of brainstorming sessions, or getting feedback from customer groups. Others believe that innovation is built on inspiration, so they wait for inspiration to hit, eventually giving up and deciding to be “fast followers”, clinging to the hope that their organizations will be able to respond to others’ innovations quickly enough to maintain their market positions.

Our experience has taught us that developing a successful innovation capability takes a lot more than setting up a new department or thinking up “cool” ideas. It has also taught us that the discovery of valuable and game-changing innovations is not magic—it can be repeated time and again.

Our experience and expertise is reflected in our High-Yield Innovation services. Together, these services enable your organization to create an innovation capability that consistently produces value creating and sometimes market-changing results.

These services can help you in many ways, including the following:

  • Improve the ways in which you source ideas, test them, fund them, developINNOVATION CONSULTING-1 develop them, launch them, and measure their progress and post-launch success
  • Understand ways to use innovation to improve all aspects of organizational performance, including improving employee engagement, improving organizational agility, and reducing operating costs
  • Improve your organization’s ability to leverage its existing IT resources in ways that improve innovation outcomes
  • Quickly define, build and launch an innovation initiative through our M22 Innovation Lab™

If you are interested in developing the innovation capability required to succeed in today’s competitive environment, contact us today.

Improving Innovation Center Effectiveness.

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